A product with a dramatic solution

In 2015, Brigham Young University's Ballard Center for Social Innovation launched a competition for BYU students to take a rudimentary CPAP/Ventilation device and create a sustainable business. As students, we were looking for a way to use our knowledge and skills to change the world, so a team was formed to tackle this challenge. 

As we looked deeper into the problem, we realized that the number one cause of neonatal death could be prevented with the use of this machine. We set out to change how developing countries dealt with neonatal deaths. We did extensive research in Cambodia and Africa and realized that this machine could save millions of lives. 

After winning BYU's competition, we set out to push this project further, but we realized we can't do it alone. We need your help. Share our cause on social media so that doors can be opened and babies lives can be saved


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