Our goal is sustainability.

We know that even the best of intentions need to be backed by a viable business plan in order to succeed. Our plan is a hybrid model between two strategies, relying on a blend of funding from our target countries and third parties. 


In-country funding

Most of the hospitals and health centers where the NeoLife Ventilator would do the most good do not have the money to purchase this device, as inexpensive as it is by Western standards. In order to succeed in these hospitals, we will need to have government support. In addition to securing a portion of funding from the governments of our target countries, we plan to sell an inexpensive consumable item to go with the ventilator, such as an oxygen mask. This will require the hospitals to have at least a small amount of investment in the device to ensure responsibility, and will also give us a continuous stream of funds from each device.


Third-party funding

We realize that in some of the situations where the ventilator could save the most lives, even minimal government and hospital funding is impossible. We plan to sell the device to major organizations (such as the WHO and UNICEF), philanthropic companies/donors, and the governments of other countries. For each device that is purchased, we will donate another device to a location that we have deemed needy where in-country funding is unrealistic.

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For a detailed, printable copy of our goals, business plan, and funding timeline, please download our Executive Summary.