Dr. Stephen D. Minton, M.D. | NICU Director, Utah Valley hospital

Dr. Minton opened the first non-university Newborn Intensive Care Unit in the U.S. and was a key individual in developing the NeoLife Ventilator. He recently traveled to Cambodia and Uganda with our team to assess the health care situation and introduce the device to government and healthcare professionals.


Dr. Erick Gerday, M.D. | NICU Physician, Utah Valley hospital

Dr. Gerday received his medical training in France and was another key individual in the development of the NeoLife Ventilator. His research has specialized in pediatric infectious diseases and chronic lung disease.


Mr. Brad Brown | CEO, ATL Technology

Mr. Brown owns an medical grade manufacturing facility that designs, engineers, and manufactures FDA-approved products with facilities in Utah and southern China. He has agreed to do all the design and engineering work for the NeoLife Ventilator pro bono and manufacture the devices at cost.


Spencer Walker | director of regulatory affairs, University of Utah


Ballard Center of Economic Self-Reliance | brigham young university


Nursing and Respiratory Therapy | Weber state university



Team NeoNatal Rescue


Kindall Palmer—Chief Executive Officer  |  Margaret Melville—Chief Operations Officer |  Rob Brown—VP Engineering  |  Erica Palmer—VP communications  |  kadie kovach—vp product implementation  |  deana mugimu—VP africa operations  |  Stetler Eppley—VP Project Development |  Lanyero Oyul—uganda in-country director

The team at Neonatal Rescue LLC has been hand-picked to form a strong group of Brigham Young University graduates and undergraduates with diverse skill sets and experiences. Together we have abilities in four different languages including English, Mandarin, Khmer, French, Slovenian, Ugandan, and Spanish and degrees in areas such as business management, economics, political science, mechanical engineering, and communications. We each specialize in different areas of the project, and are equally passionate about this venture to save the lives of newborns and infants around the world.