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We conservatively estimate that NeoLife will prevent at least 3,500 newborn deaths a year. In addition, it has the potential to prevent up to 75% of the reported 6,662 newborns (ages 0-1 month) that die each year in Cambodia.

NeoLife is not just meant for newborns. 12,600 babies in Cambodia die each year after one month of age. If these infants could be treated with NeoLife as newborns, it would prevent many of these deaths.

Furthermore, there may be hundreds more unreported cases that may be more motivated to visit their local medical center if they had confidence in its level of training and equipment. 

Cambodia loses roughly 5 percent of live births annually due to asphyxiationrespiratory and other related complications (World Bank data on neonatal and infant mortality rates).  These deaths could be significantly reduced with the use of a breathing device like the NeoLife Ventilator.

We want to change that. 


We plan to place TEN NeoLife Ventilators in Cambodia in the coming months. These ventilators will be placed throughout all three tiers of the health care structure—from small health clinics that serve as the first point of contact for people with medical problems, to the National Pediatric Hospital, a university hospital that is working on starting its first Newborn Intensive Care Unit. 

With the implementation of these 10 initial devices, we will also be providing the necessary training with the expectation that the doctors using the devices will follow set protocol and keep detailed data regarding their use. We will be in frequent contact with these doctors and review any recommended alterations to the device’s function or design before mass production. These 10 devices will serve as validation for the ventilator, and help us to better understand the world-wide need for a product such as this one.


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